Clean Brick


  • Individual brick Size 7 1/2″w x 2 1/4″ h
  • Covers approximately 28 sq. ft.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Panels are easily cut with any type of wood cutting tool and are fastened using screws
  • Only weigh 1 lb. per sq. ft.
  • Panels provide insulation R-Value of approximately 5
  • Tongue & Groove interlocking feature for tight overlapped seams.
  • Made in the USA
Model: DP 2402
Series: Urestone 4×8
Style: Clean Brick
Type: Panel
Edge Type: Interlocking
Material: Polyurethane
General Dimensions: Outside width 93″ Inside width 88″ X Height 47 3/8″ approx. 1 1/4″ Thick
Area Sq Ft 30.6 sq ft
Price per square feet : $11.22
Coverage Sq Ft: Approx. 29.7 sq. ft.
Coverage cost $11.56 per sq ft
Weight: Approx. 32 lb each panel
Interior Use Screws and Glue : Reccomended use: Glue : Screws
Exterior Use Screws: 18 and Glue : 1 Tube **
Interior Use Screws: 11 and Glue : 1 Tube
Suggested Amount of Caulk: 1 -2 tube per panel

** Glue not used on houses or buildings with building wrap.

Product Description

Urestone Brick Veneer Panels are:

Lightweight – They weigh around one lb/sq ft., making it easy for an individual to work with.

Durable -They are made from a composite of a high-impact resistant structural polyurethane surface backed with a strong polyurethane foam to form a lightweight, yet durable product.

Larger than the Competition: Take a look around and you’ll see that we offer the largest variety of 4 ft x 8 ft textures in the market. Our larger faux brick panels allow you to complete the job in less time and with fewer seams.

Easy to Install – Our panels can easily be cut using standard woodworking tools and attached using screws and adhesives.

Have Realistic Texture – Our replicated panels are reproduced from molds taken from real stone, brick and rock, so every detail of the texture is captured.

Additional Information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 93 x 48 x 1.25 in

Urestone 4 x 8


Bold Brick, Burnt Red, Chalked Red, Chestnut, Grey, Old Town, Sandstone, Tan, White, Wine Barrel


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