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Made in the USA

5-7 R-VaLUE

Energy Saving


Attach Easily to Any Surface

  • $386.00

    Used Brick

    • No Plywood substrate needed (drywall substrate is adequate)
    • Individual brick size varies between 71/2-8″ w x 2 1/2″ h.
  • $386.00

    Used Brick- Interior Use

    • No Plywood substrate needed (drywall substrate is adequate)
    • Individual brick size varies between 71/2-8″ w x 2 1/2″ h.
    • These interior use panels are thinner than our exterior and dont require tonuge and groove around the edgest because no gluing is necessary.
  • $318.25

    St. Louis Brick

    • No Plywood substrate needed (drywall substrate is adequate)
    • Individual brick size varies between 4-8″ w x 2 1/2″ h.

  • $395.00

    Faux Ledgestone Wainscot Panel

    Large synthetic stone wainscot panels come in interlocking 8ft wide sections, with a built in cap. The Ease and speed of installation provides the most economical way to quickly transform a home or building into something new and beautiful.

  • $408.00


    • 48 in. H x 96 in. W x 1-3/4 in. thick – approximately 32 sq. ft.
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Panels are easily cut with any type of wood cutting tool and are fastened using screws
    • Only weigh 1 lb. per sq. ft.
    • Panels provide insulation R-Value of approximately 5
    • Tongue & Groove interlocking feature for tight overlapped seams.
    • Made in the USA
    • Technical Data Sheet
  • $97.04

    Stacked Stone Grande (2×4)

    Urestone Lite faux stone panels are the ideal solution to complete a stone project in a weekend. Don’t mess with installing individual stones, these panels interlock to create a seamless stone wall. Panels offer the ultimate in realism of texture and coloring. They can are great for both interior and exterior applicatoins.


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What Sets Urestone Faux Stone & Brick Panels Apart?

The standard URESTONE PANEL SERIES are available in 4 ft x 8 ft panels, the Largest panels on the market, 32 sq ft of material per panel that can be put up in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require any type of special substrate or mortar. Our panels make it possible for the average person to put up beautiful stone and brick walls without having to hire a mason. OTHER FAUX STONE CAN LOOK CHEAP.

We use the most ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY in replicating stone and brick, we took from our 30 years of commercial exotic architectural reproduction in Vegas. Our technology goes even a step further than our competitors and has a DURABLE HARDCOAT that allows our panels to stand up to almost anything, including weedwackers. These panels are lightweight, durable,have life-like detail and are easy to install. Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities that we have to offer, from stacked stone to faux brick panels, we have a whole collection of faux wall textures to complete your project. Also unlike other faux stone retailors, our panels our FACTORY DIRECT We completely cut out the middle man. And our product is AMERICAN MADE Don’t settle for cheap looking stone. We are the real deal.

Try Before You Buy

Order a Samples Kit

What better way to figure out what panel works best for your project than to see it in person. Sample costs are fully refunded on your first order. Typically samples are shipped out in 1-3 days. Standard size for URESTONE textures is 11″x11″ and Bark and Natural rock is approx 6″ x 9″;