Product List:

desert tan


Price: $411.43


Weathered Wood

Price: $401.27

Desert Tan

Castle Stone

Price: $346.00

desert tan

Virginia Stacked Stone

Price: $408.89


Stacked Stone

Price: $408.89

Red Chipolte

Used Brick

Price: $386.03

Product List:

Burnt Red

Used Brick Wainscot

Price: $349.21

Desert Tan

Virginia Stacked Stone Wainscot

Price: $323.81

desert tan

Faux Ledgestone Wainscot Panel

Price: $381.00

Product List:


Virginia Stacked Stone (2x4)

Price: $88.99

Desert Tan

Ledgestone (2x4)

Price: $92.06

Bold Brick

Clean Brick (2 x 4)

Price: $78.41

Why Choose Urestone Faux Stone & Brick Panels?

The standard URESTONE PANEL SERIES are available in 4 ft x 8 ft panels. 32 sq ft of material per panel that can be put up in a matter of minutes and doesn't require any type of special substrate or mortar. Our panels make it possible for the average person to put up beautiful stone walls without having to hire a mason.These panels are lightweight, durable,have life-like detail and are easy to install. Let your imagination run wild with all the possibilites that we have to offer, from stacked stone to faux brick panels, we have a whole collection of faux wall textures to complete your project.

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