Subway Tile


2×8 ft panels 

3D Engraved decorative design into high density board 

Slats installed for easy hanging 


Quick Installation 

Perfect to help capture the essence of your brand 


Product Description

The URETEX is a new technology of producing unique textures and decorative patterns in large easy to install panels. The Slat Wall series is targeted for Retail and Display related markets and Designer Series (without slats) is designed for Restaurants,hotels,offices and similar markets.

The URETEX system starts with an MDF composite wood panel and first goes through a computer controlled texturing process. Depending on the pattern, the coloring system is either a high quality painting process or a unique 3D printing operation- which produces a remarkably realistic “picture perfect” reproduction.

Customization of color , texture or size can be acomplished for projects taht have multiple locations  

Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs



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